Tapes From The Revolutionary : HERE + NOW

HERE + NOW are launching a new series of cinema screenings showcasing filmmakers short films in unusual hidden city spaces in Edinburgh.

Hidden Features events provide a platform for filmmakers to share their work whilst also revealing and exploring hidden interesting spots of the city.  Each Hidden Features event takes place in a different nook of urban space, transformed into a cinema space for one night only, and has a different theme.

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Tapes From The Revolutionary documents a self-proclaimed political revolutionary, Andy, who captures Edinburgh via his camcorder. By watching his personal recordings the audience are exposed to the secret life of the city!

Here + Now: Hidden Features screening will take place on Thurs 27 August at 7:30pm at various locations in EH6 Edinburgh.

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Tapes From The Revolutionary : SHORTLISTED for The Skinny Film Competition 2015.

Tapes From The Revolutionary has been shortlisted for The Skinnys Film Competition 2015. In their own words, The Skinny Short Film Competition is The Skinny’s annual contest to showcase the best new short filmmaking talent, and help new short filmmakers take their creative vision to new heights.

This year the competition was open to all of the UK so I am pretty chuffed for the film to be shortlisted.

An interview about Tapes From The Revolutionary can be read here along with the film:

Filmmaker’s Q&A Shortlisted in The Skinny Short Film Competition 2015, director Scott Willis explains the inspirations and process behind his film, Tapes From Revolutionary:

Filmmaker’s Q&A:

What do you do and why do you do it?
I am a filmmaker. My motivation is that I simply have a passion for storytelling.

Where did the initial idea for your film come from?
I was intrigued to play with the role of author. After discovering Hi8 tapes from a self-proclaimed political revolutionary, I wanted to experiment with what would happen if I gave full control to my participant as the filmmaker; reverse the salvage paradigm. Bad move. We had arguments and I lost control of where the film was going. However, this made the film richer. It became self-aware, and asked questions about why filmmakers create and how others see the world.

Describe your film in five words?
Reflexive form served on ceramic.

What excites you most about filmmaking?
As a filmmaker, I get excited by the process of collecting materials from the idea of an objective reality, similar to modernist art. It is the deconstruction of those findings within post-production that excites me; new meanings emerge and the world becomes more intriguing. I get a comfort from the delusion that I am able to make sense of it all. When watching the work of fellow filmmakers, I can see how they interpret the world. That is exciting.

What advice would you give other filmmakers?
The advice I would give to other filmmakers is to ignore your condescending uncle

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