Ideas Tap Award : Short Film 2015 : Tapes From The Revolutionary

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Me: A problem I’m having, Andy, is that the film won’t work.

Andy: You couldn’t direct me to do what you wanted me to do.

Me: I don’t want to debate, I just want to film a pigeon.

Tapes From The Revolutionary was my graduation film from Edinburgh College Of Art. The project aimed to be a personal portrait on the life of a self-proclaimed communist revolutionary, Andy. With his Hi-8 camcorder, Andy studied his surroundings. We started filming together. We never got along. He thought I was an authoritarian an therefore my film grew into something else…

Tapes From The Revolutionary has recently won Ideas Tap Award : Short Film 2015 for documentary. In association with BAFTA, the award is set out to recognize the high standard of work being produced by UK-based graduates. I’m pretty chuffed. Ideas Tap is a great resource and I have benefited from reading its articles… However due to a cut in funding, from the 2nd of June, Ideas Tap will be closing shop.

A kick in the teeth…

Here is an online petition to save ideas tap, I think it is legit… either that or your junk folder will demand you to purchase counterfeit Viagra tablets. A win win situation for some. In conjunction with its recent win, Tapes From The Revolutionary will have a screening in the near future. Meanwhile here is a link to a short outtake from the film and more importantly, the official website and home for the art of Andy Anderson: Neu Pop International:

N E U  P O P   I N T E R N A T I O N A L


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What Do You See? [excerpt]

What Do You See? [excerpt]

Handwritten by a care home patient, a poem was found by nurses shortly after her passing. Articulating the realities of growing old, What Do You See? expresses how she perceived her surroundings an in turn comments on how it looked at her.

What Do You See? is an Eden Court creative film commissioned by Highland Senior Citizen Network. Made by Scott Willis & John Batty.


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