Tapes From The Revolutionary : Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015


What is it like to see the world through someone else’s eyes? 

Filmmaker, Scott Willis discovers Andy, a self-proclaimed communist revolutionary that documents his life on a Hi-8 camcorder. Aiming to understand the purpose behind the tapes Willis picks up his camera, however Andy has his own agenda for the project. Tapes from The Revolutionary is a humorous unconventional documentary that turns the lens on itself an examines the filmmaking process.

Shortlisted for Channel 4 Award for Innovation in Storytelling, Tapes From The Revolutionary will be screening at Glasgow Short Film Festival in Scottish Competition 3: Off The Path at 19.15 on Saturday 14 March at CCA.


Tapes From The Revolutionary [washing line teaser]

“Well this appears to be a washing line event, maybe the world’s longest washing line. Well it’s quite an amazing thing. Once again, we are confronted with an industry that keeps us clean. At the same time, presumably causing massive pollution”.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.37.50 PMTVS_Blog4

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Alchemy Luminous Latitude Touring Programme : E215



E215. has been selected for Alchemy Luminous Latitude Tour Programme. A new platform that aims to raise the international exposure of Scotland based artists making visually experimental, formally radical, politically activist or culturally subversive moving image work of the highest standard. 

The tour has been curated by Richard Ashrowan [Creative Director of Alchemy Film & Moving Image Film Festival], Kim Knowles [‘Black Box’ programmer for Edinburgh Int Film Festival], Gareth Evans [Whitechapel Gallery Film Curator] and Carolyn Mills [curator of ‘Crossing The Line’ at Glasgow Film Festival].

The premiere will be at Glasgow Short Film Festival: March 14th at 17.15 an then travel internationally with future screenings at White Chapel Gallery and Alchemy Film & Moving Image Film Festival 2015. Below is a short sample of the content included in the tour.

Scott Willis : E215.

E215. is a meditative insight into my gran mother as she reflects on her old age. The film is experimental highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from unlikely places. An optimistic perspective on ageing and a collaboration between young and old.

Rachel Maclean : The Lion and the Unicorn

“The Lion and The Unicorn” is a short film inspired by the heraldic symbols found on the Royal Coat of Arms of The United Kingdom, the lion (representing England) and the unicorn (representing Scotland). The piece uses representations of both alliance and opposition to explore national identity within the context of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

Demelza Kooij & Lars Koens : Graminoids

Graminoids follows the movement of grass on a wide range of scales. People and birds enter the screen, but remain in the background of the ballet that is performed on the symphony of the wind.

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The Red Bus

The Red Bus. An original 1962 London routemaster that spends its retirement cruising around Edinburgh. Got to use a wee bit of the auld 8mm. Good times.


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Garden of Elks – SWAP

In a wee town hall up in the highlands, it is mandatory that all school children dance to Garden of Elks; For at least an hour, every first Sunday of the month. Directed by Graeme Roger, I helped out by filming the evidence/music video. Below, Roger and Mike Webster, fellow camera op discover monster munch an cupcakes at the scene of the monthly ritual.


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16mm FILM WORKSHOP @ Leaps

I wasn’t allowed to do art in my last year of high school. The head of the department said I painted too small. Give me a bigger brush was my response.

This week I have been a member of Leaps, an organisation focused on supporting students as they apply for further education. The week has been packed with art workshops. Providing an insight for the students into new work methods which will hopefully open new doors for their creativity. Good times!

This week I hosted a experimental/animation film workshop with my friend Ross Hogg. I gave the students 72 frames each of 16mm film which I asked them to draw on. Marker pens galore, everyone got stuck in. The drawings were tiny. Much smaller than the ones I drew in high school. However this was no problem because Ross brought his projector.


The ink would smear, bubble and bleed but that was part of the excitement. What will this look like when projected? The outcome was unpredictable. Turned out great. I like the stills as they carry a sense of innocence. You can tell we had fun. Stills from the workshop can be viewed here.

My aim for the workshop was that it would play with the physicality of film and give the students a chance to be able to make an animation without the need of a camera. The outcome was a playful collaborative process where we all got stuck in. The film can be viewed above.


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Pop-Up Week Amsterdam : E215

For the grand opening of Pop-Up Week Amsterdam 2014, art collective Kutler took over one of the cities streets. Turning its cobbles into an open air street art gallery for their event BYOB (Bring YOUR Own Beamer).

“The playground is fabulous; the Wijdesteeg is an open air street art gallery in itself and the colorful, nearby parking garage will be turned into pop-up galleries for this unique event. Participating neighbours, shops and galleries open their doors, walls, windows, and roofs to turn the streets into a mix of projected and existing street art.”

The set up reminded me a lot of Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival that happens down in the Scottish Borders. However it is not just moving image installations taken place this week in Amsterdam…

More info on the event can be found over at their site:

10612595_472833689524854_6523220999141336082_nKulter selected my film, E215. to be screened at their outside screening extravaganza. The film is a meditative insight into my gran mother as she reflects on her old age. The film is experimental highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from unlikely places. An optimistic perspective on ageing. A collaboration between young and old. A short extract of the film can be viewed here. This was the second time for the film to be projected outside, the first time was when it won Publica’s Screen Shorts and was projected at Clerkenwell Design Week earlier this year.


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British Film Institute: Guide To Fetal Development Screening

BFI_LogoEarlier this week my animation, Guide To Fetal Development won IdeasTap: Teenage Kicks film competition. The brief was to submit a sixty second clip inspired by BFI’s film programme, Teenage Kicks. I suppose this makes my entry a bit puny then…

Guide To Fetal Development will be screened at British Film Institute as a part of their Teenage Kicks season on 16th Sept 4.30pm in London.

The animation will also be making an appearance at Ickle Film Festival up in Dundee on the same week along with my experimental film, E215.


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Electric Picnic : Our Nation’s Sons

electric-picnic-14Electric Picnic will be screening Our Nations Sons alongside some of my mums favourite pop troupes at it’s sold out music festival! Beck, Outkast, Blondie and Lily Allen will be showing face over the weekend. Pretty… pretty… pretty good!

The film will be screened as a part of a run through of all of Joe Caslin’s illustration projects that have been cropping up around Ireland. Our Nations Sons omnibus will be projected between act changes however if it proves hard to hear while stood next to 70,000 fellow festival goers the film can be watched at it’s chill out lounge.

Joe continues to out do himself every time with these projects and they are worth investigating over at his website.


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A Place Just On The Map : Decagram 1.8 Screening


With the independence referendum quickly approaching, Scotland finds itself under close inspection from within. The Decagram collective will be screening documentaries that focus on the social issues that face Scotland today at their event Decagram 1.8. The event will include a screening of my environmental film;

A Place Just On The Map

On a wild lonely shore on the far north of Scotland stands ‘Dounreay’. Operating since the 1950’s as a nuclear research facility, the plant is now defunct and in the process of being decommissioned.

Disposing of nuclear waste stored in underground vaults has created anxiety for the plants neighbours, who live as a traditional crofting family. Deirdre, the mother of the family, has worked on the croft all her life and expresses her concerns on environmental issues as well as the families agriculture future.

A Place Just On The Map

The film was shot in April 2012. I stayed with the family for five days, working on the croft and filming for three of them where I was initially interested in the contrast of crofters living next door to nuclear scientists.  I enjoyed my time working on the croft and will forever miss the white pudding suppers from the chip shops of Thurso!

However there is a serious side to it all, I feel my film does highlight key points surrounding the argument of the use of nuclear energy in Scotland. The primarily one being what happens to the nuclear waste afterwards?


I do want to state that all perspectives towards Dounreay are from the participant’s within the film and are not my own. The film was broadcasted on Holland Doc24 and will now be screened at Decagram 1.8 along with a handful of other social issue based scottish documentaries and the return of Scottish hip-hop artist, Loki.

More information and tickets for Decagram 1.8 can be found here.

Green Woman

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Guide To Fetal Development

Today I have gave birth to a revised version of an old animation; Good timing as today happens to be my birthday!

Short insight into fetal development within the digital age!

Guide To Fetal Development began its own life as a doodle I did during my summer job a couple of years ago. I felt that it was a funny concept and that it could translate well into animation. While at art school I sneaked into the animation department an drew seventy odd frames which I then scanned and coloured on photoshop. The animation was for a class project that had to be done within twelve hours… here is the original. 

It was fun for me as I had not created a pencil drawn animation since my first year at ECA, but admittedly, slightly rushed. This week I went back an smoothed out the frames. I created the above GIFs which also hibernate on my tumblr.  Given the subject matter of the film I can only say that I am a hypocrite; Here I am firing links to my tumblr via a blog!

The film was screened at Hidden Door Art Festival in Edinburgh earlier this year and has a couple more public screenings on the way.


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