Guide To Fetal Development

One minute hand drawn animation.

Self animated sixty second satirical short. Guide To Fetal Development sheds light on the influence social media has on the fetal development process. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

W I N N E RIdeasTap Sixty Second Shorts: Teenage Kicks

W I N N E R – Best Short Cinevana: London 2015.

S H O R T L I S T E D – Young Greenhorn Film Award 2014.

S H O R T L I S T E D – Leamington Underground Cinema: 60 Seconds Max Film Prize

S H O R T L I S T E D – Best Animation Comedy at Portsmouth International Film Festival 2016.

S E L E C T E D  for Short Sighted Cinema’s HUMAN.MACHINE Tour 2015.

S E L E C T E D for 100 Films In 100 Minutes 2016 Tour.

S C R E E N E D at;
British Film Institute: We the Peoples Festival, London. UK, 2016.
100 Films In 100 Minutes, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016.
100 Films In 100 Minutes, Poland, 2016.
100 Films In 100 Minutes, Bulgaria, 2016.
Portsmouth International Film Festival , UK, 2016.
Global Revolution Film Festival, New York, USA, 2016.
World of Film International Festival Glasgow, Glasgow, UK, 2016.
Fest Anča International Animation Festival, Slovakia, 2016.
XPO North, Inverness, UK, 2016.
FOMO, Glasgow, UK, 2016.
Wellington Underground Film Festival, New Zealand, 2016.
Toronto Urban Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2015. [Exhibited on subway platform screens across the Toronto transit system], Toronto, Canada, 2015.
Milano Film Festival, Milan, Italy, 2015.
Inverness Film Festival, Inverness, UK, 2015.
Fieldview Festival, Wiltshire, UK, 2015. [Short Sighted Cinema Tour]
Cinevana: London, London, UK, 2015.
Leamington Underground Cinema, London, UK, 2015.
San Antonio Laughs Comedy Film Slam, San Antonio, USA, 2015.
C the film Screenings, Edinburgh, UK, 2015. [Multiple Screenings]
Short Sighted Cinema presents The Shortest Nights, Human.Machine programme, London, UK, 2015.
Woodland Creatures; In association with BARK, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, UK, 2015.
TromaDance Detroit, Detroit, USA, 2015.
Just Gather Film Festival 2015, Edinburgh, UK, 2015.
British Film Institute : Teenage Kicks Screening, London, 2014.
I CÓrdbra International Film-Minute-Festival, 2014.
Bottle Cap Film Festival, Newcastle, UK, 2014.
Decagram 1.9, Edinburgh, UK, 2014.
Ickle Film Festival, Dundee, UK, 2014.
Hidden Door Art Festival, Edinburgh, UK, 2014.

Made in 2014.


FetalPRO4 FetalPRO5 FetalPRO6


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