DEAR PETER : Glasgow Short Film Festival 2016

“Taking inspiration from the post-punk cinematic new wave of early eighties New York, GSFF declares war on all boring films”.  

…Oft! What an intimidating opening to the GSFF brochure. Shaped by a No Bullshit policy, Glasgow Short Film Festival screened Scottish and international shorts, liberated the weird and overall delivered it’s promise.

Having attended last year I was pleased to see the return/progression of german animator, Patrick Buhr with his short Something About Silence. The films misanthropic nature combined with my hangover depression brought on my annual existential crisis in the GSFF videotheque.

On a lighter note, the first screening of Scottish shorts premiered my film, Dear Peter, alongside work by Ainslie Henderson, Cat Bruce and Michael Windle. Dear Peter was well received and I am very pleased to announce that the film won the Scottish Audience Award this year at Glasgow Short Film Festival 2016. Gooooood times! Next year will see myself produce the GSFF trailer… not an easy task due to their No Bullshit policy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.49.29Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 19.12.34

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