Tapes From The Revolutionary: Best International Short at DOCFEED 2016.



Located in a refurbished Philips testing laboratory, now the cities art centre, DOCfeed is an annual documentary industry gathering in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It’s 2016 program hosted international films, workshops and plenty of Steen Brugge Tripel; Good times were had!

The festival also exhibited video installations by Marieke De Vries, Francina Stolk and an anti-selfie photo session, by photographer Annemarieke van Peppen, providing a great deal of diversity over the festivals duration.


For me, DOCfeed’s strength is it’s brave stance of programming expressive work, not shying away from author-led documentaries. This complements the festivals intimate environment where filmmakers can talk with other filmmakers, producers, programmers and audience over a Steen Brugge Tripel.

Tapes From The Revolutionary won Best Short Documentary film at DOCfeed 2016, where I was presented the award by Docfeed’s creative Director, Frans Mouws. Again, a big thanks to all at the festival!


Tapes From The Revolutionary

What is it like to see the world through someone else’s eyes?

Filmmaker, Scott Willis discovers Andy, a self-proclaimed communist revolutionary that documents his life on a Hi-8 camcorder. Aiming to understand the purpose behind the tapes Willis picks up his camera, however Andy has his own agenda for the project.

Tapes from The Revolutionary is a humorous unconventional documentary that turns the lens on itself an examines the filmmaking process.


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One thought on “Tapes From The Revolutionary: Best International Short at DOCFEED 2016.

  1. Frans says:

    thank you Scott, it was so nice having you over to our festival, looking forward to your new projects!

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