Tapes From The Revolutionary: Festival Filmes Sobre Arte Portugal 2015 [Opening Film]


Tapes From The Revolutionary will be the opening film for Festival Filmes Sobre Arte Portugal 2015, taken place in Portugal 1-4th October. The festival has a strong line up of films that are dedicated to films on art, and articulate their aims as such:

“…the idea to present films made by film makers who, artists themselves, explore the universe of another artist. This challenge leads us to a close and deep approach to the world of an artists, a much closer contact than would we could achieve as a mere viewer or student of art.”

After discovering Hi8 tapes from a self-proclaimed political revolutionary, I wanted to experiment with what would happen if I gave full control to my participant as the filmmaker; reverse the salvage paradigm. Bad move. We had arguments and I lost control of where the film was going. However, this made the film richer. It became self-aware, and asked questions about why filmmakers create and how others see the world.

Tapes From The Revolutionary is a humorous unconventional documentary that turns the lens on itself an examines the filmmaking process. The film will be screening on 1st October, 6pm at Ze Dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal.


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