Tapes From The Revolutionary : Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015


What is it like to see the world through someone else’s eyes? 

Filmmaker, Scott Willis discovers Andy, a self-proclaimed communist revolutionary that documents his life on a Hi-8 camcorder. Aiming to understand the purpose behind the tapes Willis picks up his camera, however Andy has his own agenda for the project. Tapes from The Revolutionary is a humorous unconventional documentary that turns the lens on itself an examines the filmmaking process.

Shortlisted for Channel 4 Award for Innovation in Storytelling, Tapes From The Revolutionary will be screening at Glasgow Short Film Festival in Scottish Competition 3: Off The Path at 19.15 on Saturday 14 March at CCA.


Tapes From The Revolutionary [washing line teaser]

“Well this appears to be a washing line event, maybe the world’s longest washing line. Well it’s quite an amazing thing. Once again, we are confronted with an industry that keeps us clean. At the same time, presumably causing massive pollution”.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.37.50 PMTVS_Blog4

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