Alchemy Luminous Latitude Touring Programme : E215



E215. has been selected for Alchemy Luminous Latitude Tour Programme. A new platform that aims to raise the international exposure of Scotland based artists making visually experimental, formally radical, politically activist or culturally subversive moving image work of the highest standard. 

The tour has been curated by Richard Ashrowan [Creative Director of Alchemy Film & Moving Image Film Festival], Kim Knowles [‘Black Box’ programmer for Edinburgh Int Film Festival], Gareth Evans [Whitechapel Gallery Film Curator] and Carolyn Mills [curator of ‘Crossing The Line’ at Glasgow Film Festival].

The premiere will be at Glasgow Short Film Festival: March 14th at 17.15 an then travel internationally with future screenings at White Chapel Gallery and Alchemy Film & Moving Image Film Festival 2015. Below is a short sample of the content included in the tour.

Scott Willis : E215.

E215. is a meditative insight into my gran mother as she reflects on her old age. The film is experimental highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from unlikely places. An optimistic perspective on ageing and a collaboration between young and old.

Rachel Maclean : The Lion and the Unicorn

“The Lion and The Unicorn” is a short film inspired by the heraldic symbols found on the Royal Coat of Arms of The United Kingdom, the lion (representing England) and the unicorn (representing Scotland). The piece uses representations of both alliance and opposition to explore national identity within the context of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

Demelza Kooij & Lars Koens : Graminoids

Graminoids follows the movement of grass on a wide range of scales. People and birds enter the screen, but remain in the background of the ballet that is performed on the symphony of the wind.

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