16mm FILM WORKSHOP @ Leaps

I wasn’t allowed to do art in my last year of high school. The head of the department said I painted too small. Give me a bigger brush was my response.

This week I have been a member of Leaps, an organisation focused on supporting students as they apply for further education. The week has been packed with art workshops. Providing an insight for the students into new work methods which will hopefully open new doors for their creativity. Good times!

This week I hosted a experimental/animation film workshop with my friend Ross Hogg. I gave the students 72 frames each of 16mm film which I asked them to draw on. Marker pens galore, everyone got stuck in. The drawings were tiny. Much smaller than the ones I drew in high school. However this was no problem because Ross brought his projector.


The ink would smear, bubble and bleed but that was part of the excitement. What will this look like when projected? The outcome was unpredictable. Turned out great. I like the stills as they carry a sense of innocence. You can tell we had fun. Stills from the workshop can be viewed here.

My aim for the workshop was that it would play with the physicality of film and give the students a chance to be able to make an animation without the need of a camera. The outcome was a playful collaborative process where we all got stuck in. The film can be viewed above.


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