Pop-Up Week Amsterdam : E215

For the grand opening of Pop-Up Week Amsterdam 2014, art collective Kutler took over one of the cities streets. Turning its cobbles into an open air street art gallery for their event BYOB (Bring YOUR Own Beamer).

“The playground is fabulous; the Wijdesteeg is an open air street art gallery in itself and the colorful, nearby parking garage will be turned into pop-up galleries for this unique event. Participating neighbours, shops and galleries open their doors, walls, windows, and roofs to turn the streets into a mix of projected and existing street art.”

The set up reminded me a lot of Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival that happens down in the Scottish Borders. However it is not just moving image installations taken place this week in Amsterdam…

More info on the event can be found over at their site:

10612595_472833689524854_6523220999141336082_nKulter selected my film, E215. to be screened at their outside screening extravaganza. The film is a meditative insight into my gran mother as she reflects on her old age. The film is experimental highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from unlikely places. An optimistic perspective on ageing. A collaboration between young and old. A short extract of the film can be viewed here. This was the second time for the film to be projected outside, the first time was when it won Publica’s Screen Shorts and was projected at Clerkenwell Design Week earlier this year.


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