A Place Just On The Map : Decagram 1.8 Screening


With the independence referendum quickly approaching, Scotland finds itself under close inspection from within. The Decagram collective will be screening documentaries that focus on the social issues that face Scotland today at their event Decagram 1.8. The event will include a screening of my environmental film;

A Place Just On The Map

On a wild lonely shore on the far north of Scotland stands ‘Dounreay’. Operating since the 1950’s as a nuclear research facility, the plant is now defunct and in the process of being decommissioned.

Disposing of nuclear waste stored in underground vaults has created anxiety for the plants neighbours, who live as a traditional crofting family. Deirdre, the mother of the family, has worked on the croft all her life and expresses her concerns on environmental issues as well as the families agriculture future.

A Place Just On The Map

The film was shot in April 2012. I stayed with the family for five days, working on the croft and filming for three of them where I was initially interested in the contrast of crofters living next door to nuclear scientists.  I enjoyed my time working on the croft and will forever miss the white pudding suppers from the chip shops of Thurso!

However there is a serious side to it all, I feel my film does highlight key points surrounding the argument of the use of nuclear energy in Scotland. The primarily one being what happens to the nuclear waste afterwards?


I do want to state that all perspectives towards Dounreay are from the participant’s within the film and are not my own. The film was broadcasted on Holland Doc24 and will now be screened at Decagram 1.8 along with a handful of other social issue based scottish documentaries and the return of Scottish hip-hop artist, Loki.

More information and tickets for Decagram 1.8 can be found here.

Green Woman

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