Guide To Fetal Development

Today I have gave birth to a revised version of an old animation; Good timing as today happens to be my birthday!

Short insight into fetal development within the digital age!

Guide To Fetal Development began its own life as a doodle I did during my summer job a couple of years ago. I felt that it was a funny concept and that it could translate well into animation. While at art school I sneaked into the animation department an drew seventy odd frames which I then scanned and coloured on photoshop. The animation was for a class project that had to be done within twelve hours… here is the original. 

It was fun for me as I had not created a pencil drawn animation since my first year at ECA, but admittedly, slightly rushed. This week I went back an smoothed out the frames. I created the above GIFs which also hibernate on my tumblr.  Given the subject matter of the film I can only say that I am a hypocrite; Here I am firing links to my tumblr via a blog!

The film was screened at Hidden Door Art Festival in Edinburgh earlier this year and has a couple more public screenings on the way.


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