Tapes From The Revolutionary


I met Andy as he walked past me armed with a camcorder. I was intrigued to watch his tape. He said I could. The tape presented a seventy year old artist who walked the streets of Edinburgh capturing his surroundings. For whom and why? I decided Andy and his tape would make a good subject for an observational documentary. My intention was to share Andy’s tape so I could experience life through the eyes of another. I wanted to discuss the nature of why we both film? However Andy had his own intention for making this film…

Tapes From The Revolutionary is a fifteen minute participatory observational documentary that weaves in and out of two director visions. The film is produced by Alia Ghafar and directed by myself. The film will be showcased at Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2014 and then distributed around film festivals. Musical composition by Josh Sabin and sound design by Ali Murray 

Tapes From The Revolutionary was my graduate film from Edinburgh College of art where it was awarded a Helen A. Rose Bequest for Distinguished final year work by the University of Edinburgh, June 2014. The project also won the Audience Award at Edinburgh College of Art 2014 Graduate Filmhouse screening.

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Pigeon;Tapes From The Camcorder RevolutionaryScreen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.37.50 PMPigeon;Tapes From The Camcorder RevolutionaryStatic

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5 thoughts on “Tapes From The Revolutionary

  1. Jim says:

    Hope you are using ‘ain’t no surf in Portobello’ as the background tune for the Porty bit.

    • Scott Willis says:

      None of the footage from Portobello was used in the film. Sadly The Valves will not show face! 😦

  2. Gogs says:

    I love that song. It’s a must use song!

  3. Brian Neill says:

    I really enjoyed Pigeon at the degree show screening tonight. The mixture of observation and self-examination worked very well. You seem to have a knack for bumping into interesting people with Andy following on from last year’s Peter.
    Best of luck when you go out into the big bad world.

    • Scott Willis says:

      Great to hear you enjoyed the film Brian!

      I feel Pigeon was quite honest about the conditions it was made in. Slightly a gamble but it’s good to hear other people liked it.

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