Victor Kossakovsky Master Class

Over looking Edinburgh College of Art as a sort of Panopticon tower is the Scottish Documentary Institute. Never knowing if they are watching or not, we as students at Edinburgh College of Art don’t risk it and always behave. Last summer I was asked by them to film a conversation between Victor Kossakovsky and Noe Mendelle that took place during the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013. I have always admired Kossakovsky for his cinematography therefore I was slightly intimidated to point a camera at him.

Within the first five minutes “Your tripod is too low” he said…  I cried inside.

Recently the Scottish Documentary Institute have been digging into their archive and releasing masterclasses which have took place over the years as Podcasts. Hosted by Duncan Cowles.

A trailer for Kossakovsky ‘s Vivan Las Antipodas! can be viewed below.

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