Radio Silence


Radio Silence [trailer]
dir. Duncan Cowles

Following from my collaboration with Duncan Cowles on his project Seavacuee, I was asked to co-produce his graduation film, Radio Silence. A trailer for the film can be viewed here.

“As far back as I can remember my Dad and I haven’t been able to talk to each other very well. I know hardly anything about him, except that he likes jazz music and fiddling with old radios in the garage.
Did my Dad talk to his Dad? I think they worked on radios together.
In an attempt to find out why my Dad and I don’t talk, I look at the life of a man I know even less about. My Dad’s Father.”

I was interested in the project as Duncan turns the camera on himself and his family to reveal that not every family is perfect, this i could identify with. Documenting silence was also an interesting concept. In fact, Duncan has managed to make his muteness into a recurring device throughout his work.  Recently his one shot short, Lady With The Lamp went viral on youtube. In this film Duncan’s reaction to his mothers enthusiasm over a lamp is very little.


So far Radio Silence has been awarded the Helen A Rose Bequest for distinguished work by Edinburgh College of Art and won the Audience Award – ECA Film/TV Graduation Screening 2013. The film was also nominated for a Scottish New Talent Bafta as well as a RTS award.


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