On a wild lonely shore on the far north of Scotland stands ‘Dounreay’. Operating since the 1950’s as a nuclear research experiment, the plant is now defunct and in the process of being decommissioned. Disposing of nuclear waste located in underground vaults has created anxiety for Dounreay’s neighbours, a traditional Scottish crofting family. A Place Just On The Map focuses on Deirdre, the mother of the family, who has worked on the croft for all her life and gives an insight into how the expansion of the site has put stress on herself and her livestock. I was also interested in how the development of the nuclear waste pits would affect the family tradition of crofting, possibly influencing the next generation to not continue working on the family croft.

I filmed the family for three days after hearing about them through the organisation, Planning Democracy.   Filming took place during the hectic lambing season since then I have been editing. Tonight BBC Scotland has a short segment on the construction of the vaults, which included a brief interview with Deirdre.  I thought the segment gave Deirdre a small amount of time to put across her views on the development and how it has  affected the near by community, but at least it made us aware of her side of the story. During my time up north I learnt that the Buldoo community are not nagging anti-nuclear campaigners but are residents who were not expecting to live next door to Scotland’s largest construction site.  Its understandable that this would create stress to anyone never mind the strain it has on their pregnant sheep.

A Place Just On The Map which is currently not available to view on the internet will be screened in the near future.
If anyone is interested in viewing the film please contact.

A Place Just On The Map [Teaser]

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