Our Nation’s Sons

Huge Artwork Of Teenage Hoody Appears In Edinburgh Street

What really went on there?
We only have this excerpt.

The film above was made by myself to document Joe Caslin’s project ‘Our Nation’s Sons’. The project was built from a collaboration between St Thomas Of Aquin’s High School and Edinburgh College of Art.

The project began on Saturday 14th April with the pasting of a 40ft drawing to the gable wall of No. 20 Cowgate, Edinburgh. Over the course of the next two weeks, five other large-scale drawings have appeared in Edinburgh city centre. The aim of the project is use these portraits drawings of young men as a tool to provoke and question current social and media representations of this generation. The drawings once installed will generate spaces throughout the city charged for an encounter between the subject/protagonist and the passer-by/interpreter. The project is funded by the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership, Edinburgh.

The project was mentioned on BBC News which I unfortunately missed due to filming up in the Highlands. However here is a link to a short article from their website.

More about the project can be found over at Joe Caslins gaff! I was only there for one day documenting the pasting of the illustration seen in the film. All the guys and girls behind it were all great laugh and you should pop over to the degree show.


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