Uncle Scott’s Guess That Celebrity: Part Two

Can you beat the timer?!?

For my imaginary friends who read this blog, watch the video above first…

Dot Cotton Selfy I enjoyed playing the fool too much. It only takes one day to film and edit. Here is Part Two of ‘Uncle Scott’s Guess That Celebrity”. I best not make a habit of it but playing a chain smoking Dot Cotton around Edinburgh has always been a dream of mine. I have already wrote about what I wanted to experiment with these films therefore please pay attention to the selfy photograph to the left. We can clearly see the hole in Dots forehead which is where the iPhone records through. For me, it’s this shoddy workmanship that is the films charm, the idea is juvenile and my impression of the celebrities is dreadful – but I like it.

The first reason for making part two was that I did not have any ideas that morning for the Five Films In Five Days Project. The second was that I felt in terms of how the film was filmed, it could be better. Instead of using 300g paper, I created a mask from a dusty cardboard box originally attended to carry Vodka and then duct taped Dots face onto it.

The joke is maybe wearing thin but I’m tempted to make a Part Three. It’s only right to make a trilogy, right?!?


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