Uncle Scott’s Guess That Celebrity: Part One

Can you beat the timer?!?

For my imaginary friends who read this blog, watch the video above first…

BLOG1Where is the artistic merit when one duct tapes an iPhone to their forehead?! Long before Ant & Dec merged hidden cameras and The Duke together, I was interested in exploring the performative aspect of the documentary filmmaker. I feel that it is this performance that is often neglected when a film is good. We only remember the actions of it’s characters but never really how the filmmaker interpreted it. I wanted to highlight the presence of the filmmaker and make myself the main attraction; something I was originally not too keen on. Rather than holding the camera I strapped it onto my head to recreate my point of view which would enable me to ‘perform’ with no constraints. The positive of video camera’s shrinking over time is that the filmmaker can create an objective document by having their subject matter double up as the camera operator. It is not the view of the film maker but one of it’s subject. Films like Jimmy and Lethivan use this technique by attaching the camera onto the films characters, therefore I wanted to see practically how this idea could be executed. The negative to this advancement in technology is that the village idiot can walk into an antique shop disguised as David Dickinson and ask for a part time saturday job whilst recording hands free.


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2 thoughts on “Uncle Scott’s Guess That Celebrity: Part One

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